Sunscreen and Purse Pack

BYOB with 10oz Flask and Boycott the Squat with 6 piece Purse Pack

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Tampon and Purse Pack

Looks like you’re ready for that heavy flow this month. Psych! Take a shot while in line to pee standing up in the port-a-potty. 5 Tampon Flasks, 6 Stand Ups.

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Soft Flask (aka Boobie Bag) and Festival Pack

Bring the party anywhere and make sure those gross port-a-potties don’t kill your buzz. 4 Boobie Bags, 18 Stand Ups.

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Hand Crème/Hand Sanitizer Combo and Festival Pack

Twice the party! You won’t need hand sanitizer anyway since you’re Standing Up and keeping your distance from the mess. 1 Hand Crème, 1 Hand Sanitzer, 18 Stand ups.

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Ultimate BYOB and Superwoman Pack

2015 Ultimate Event Package. Includes Sunscreen, Tampon, Hand Crème, Hand Santizer, Boobie Bags, 36 Stand Ups

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